Saturday, July 10, 2010

Girl's Day Out has been rough lately. And when I say rough...I mean, a nightmare. So...what to do? Take a day off with E and go to the beach of course! We headed down for a short trip to Yorktown Beach. We were a bit scared on the way down, it rained quite a bit-but not one drop while we were there-it was awesome! It was so nice just to stick our feet in the water and in the sand and relaxxx.  We read our books for a bit, chatted, and had a lovely lunch-on plates with real forks-yes, we ooze class and refinement.  After the beach we headed to Prime Outlets in Williamsburg-and besides an incident in Bare Escentuals-it was fun! :) It was so nice just to get away, and we always have fun together (and not being at work was pretty awesome too). 

ahhh so peaceful

it was SO nice out

class class class!

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Elisabeth A. said...

It really was a perfect day!!! No rain on the beach, shopping, and great company!!! Couldn't ask for more! :)Except maybe a free Bare Minerals coupon lol. Dear Work: You stink and I don't think I'll come back... EVER!! LOL


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