Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bump Pics

The night I went into labor. I was SO ready!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

David's Nursery

Darren is really into golf, and I didn't want a "babyish" nursery, so we opted for something different and made our own golf nursery for baby David! It was a lot of work-for mom and Darren anyway-I was too huge to do anything-but it was totally worth it and we love it!

It started out as the spare room that we never painted when we moved in. It was super girly!
Darren worked hard to get it just right!

The finished product! We love it! 

Monday, April 13, 2015

29 Week Baby Daniels Update!

How far along?  As of today, 29 weeks!
Total weight gain/measurements: If you recall my last blog post I’d gained 0 lbs. Wellll that’s not the case anymore! At my last doctor appointment 3 weeks ago I’d gained a total of 13 I believe. Strangely enough I didn't start gaining until about the last month and a half. Now I feel like I am getting bigger by the second! At that appointment the baby was also measuring 3 weeks ahead. YIKES! Anxious to see what the doc says about baby's size at Friday's appointment.
Maternity clothes: The good old days of just the stretchy 1st trimester waistband pants are now long gone. I have embraced the full panel. This bump is massive. Sometimes I steal Darren’s shirts because mine are just too snug at night.
Have you started to show yet? Ohhh yes. In the last month I have popped out like crazy.
Stretch marks: Not yet, I’m sure they’re on the way! In the meantime I’ve been using some Earth Mama Angel Baby stretch oil and hoping it helps.
Sleep: Terrible. I wake up about every hour to pee, or because I can’t breathe, or I’m just uncomfortable. Is it June yet?
Miss anything? Energy, sleep, being able to see my feet, being able to lay on my back without my body going numb. HA
Movement: SO much movement. This kid is nuts. He is constantly on the move!
Food cravings: Nothing in particular at this point, I just want good, real, homemade food. And some junk. Really all food is great at this point!
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope. Maybe other than the thought that I still have a good two months left of this pregnancy!
Gender: Found out week 20, it’s a boy!!!
Labor signs: Nope, too early.
Symptoms: Tired, SPD since early January…omg that sucks, feet are starting to swell in the past week and hands by the end of the day.
Belly button in or out? Half out!
Wedding rings on or off? On for now, but I got replacements just in case. I’ve been wearing just my engagement ring for now, both rings together just seem too snug…but the engagement ring was tight today!
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy most of the time
Thankful for: Healthy baby so far and a mostly healthy pregnancy. Thankful that this will be over in a couple of months. Thankful for my first shower recently that was so fun and adorable!  
Looking forward to: Finishing up the nursery, my Richmond shower, baby being born! 

Happy 18th Birthday Sam!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Family of Five

Exciting news, in 2015 we will be a family of five! Eek! We've thought long and hard since we've been together about whether or not having a little one (without fur) was for us, and recently, we decided to go for it! We are excited to welcome a new addition, coming June 2015! 

I thought this would be a nice spot to record what's going on in the pregnancy. Or at least try to document you can see I haven't blogged in a year so don't trust that I'll keep it up. Whoopsie! 

Big thanks to Hollie Dyson Photography for taking our announcement photos! 

How far along?  As of today, 11 weeks, 6 days!
Total weight gain/measurements: 0 lbs. I am just as shocked as you are! The doc was proud. This won't last much longer.
Maternity clothes: I embraced those early, because I was given so many as gifts and I was bloated. I heart maternity jeans. I may never go back to regular jeans.
Have you started to show yet? Nope. Just bloated some days. 
Friday rushing before work. 11 weeks 4 days
Don't mind the ghetto phone selfie.
Stretch marks: Trying my best! But I'm prone to them! I've had stretch marks since my growth spurt at 12 years old, so I am certain I'll have them.
Sleep: Not good. I wake up multiple times a night. Have only had one baby dream and it was probably 2 weeks ago. It was a boy. I do fall asleep any chance I get though. I love the couch.
Best moment this week: Finding out all was well at an emergency appointment, and I got to see baby move for the first time! Was so sad Darren didn't get to see, but Mom and Sam did. Emergencies suck.
Miss anything? Energy. I never had a ton, but I feel like I've been beaten on a daily basis now. It is slightly better, after a solid month of not cleaning, we cleaned the house soooo good last weekend. Now just trying to keep it up.
Movement: None. But I got to see it on the screen! 
Food cravings: Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes. This baby loves them. Which is funny, since I have never cared about potatoes. And of course, Icees. 
Anything making you queasy or sick? Seeing raw meat, and basically having to think about or smell anything I'm not craving at that moment. Oh and prenatal vitamins. They are the devil. Funny, since I've taken them for my hair and nails for over 2 years, suddenly now they make me sick. 
Gender: We think boy. Although Mom and Darren have both had girl dreams. Darren still thinks boy.
Labor signs: Heck no, too early!
Symptoms: Sore body-this is by far my worst symptom right now and has been for weeks-especially legs, feet, and boobs. Less nausea now, occasional bloat, faintness, exhaustion. I also cry, like every day. Almost always over sentimental stuff. Although Friday night I cried because I didn't feel good. No joke. Like a 4 year old. And lawd have mercy it's Christmas!
Belly button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On and still fit well. For now!
Happy or moody most of the time: Tired and weepy. I'm nuts.
Thankful for: The baby still being here-I don't think I'll ever stop worrying about that. Darren helping me so much when I'm home (I basically suck and do nothing at home right now). My snuggly puppies, and Mom for being there for all of the emergencies! 
Looking forward to: Not being so tired-the supposed "magic" of the second trimester, and when I actually feel like cleaning, learning the baby's gender so we can make room plans.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Be the change-EVERYONE can help. Everyone can do something.

I'd like to get something off my chest. Something that people may not necessarily want to hear, but they should. As a shelter volunteer, I hear a lot of excuses every day about why people can't help the helpless. "I don't know how you go there every day. It's too heart breaking for me." "I don't have time," "I don't have money." At this point to me, your excuses are just that, excuses.  As big David always says, "Excuses only satisfy the person giving them." He's right. When I hear someone say that helping at the shelter is too sad, too hard, I think of a few things: I am quite possibly the most sensitive person you will ever meet, especially when it comes to animals. Yet I am able to donate my time to a kill shelter. How? Why? Because if I don't, then who will? Should these animals just sit there in their cold concrete pens and die a lonely death because I was too scared to shed a tear? I know that I can't save them all. But I can surely make their life better while they are here. I can advertise them for free online and possibly save a life. Knowing a helpless animal is going to be put down is tough. It is sad. You know what would make me even more sad? Is knowing that I didn't try hard enough for that animal by simply sharing their photo on Facebook, or coming to the shelter to take them outside for ten minutes. Yes it's cold outside. That's what big coats and gloves are for. Stop with the excuses. 

I understand not everyone is passionate about animals. But, you're passionate about something right?  What are you doing to help someone that needs help? A friend, a family member, or even better, a stranger? How about babies that are born too early and need help? Contact the March of Dimes. See what you can do. Not interested in homeless pets? How about homeless people? How about the hungry? How about people suffering with AIDS, why not donate to them? Has cancer touched someone in your life? Volunteer or donate to the thousands of cancer charities out there. How about the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society? Find the charity online that is closest to your heart and get started. Please, don't wait another day. There are millions of great organizations out there to help others, whether human or animals. It seems to me the common practice is to maybe donate to something once, and then forget about it. You donated? That's great. I'm glad you did. Every little bit helps! Can you donate again? Can you donate your time? Can you take 3 seconds to share a post to help someone less fortunate on Facebook?  Sometimes something as small as sharing a post of an at risk animal on Facebook means the difference between life and death for that animal. Countless animals have been saved just by sharing their information, and that information getting to the right person or rescue group. 

I know we all do the best we can with what we have. But please ask yourself- Can I do better? I know I can. I can donate more time. Post more, and share knowledge. Can you give of your time? Or a few dollars to help the charity of your choice? There are so many ways to help others. Even online shopping can help donate to your favorite cause- check out Amazon Smile. By using your login and that link every time you do your online Amazon shopping, at no cost to you, the charity of your choice receives a small donation. Every little bit helps, and we can all do more. 

This Thanksgiving, why not show how thankful you are for your blessings by donating your time or even a small amount of money to your favorite cause? This Christmas, instead of spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on gifts that will soon be tossed and forgotten, why not donate your time or a small portion of what would have went to thousands of dollars in gifts to your favorite charity? 

If you'd like to help someone or something, but you're not sure where to donate, please consider my favorites-check them out HERE.

If you are blessed with children, why not teach them early about the spirit of giving? With time, or with money. It doesn't take much. Teach the future generations about charity, and our world could be a better place one day.

We can all do something. We can all make a difference. It's never too late to get started. You could save a life with a little time or money. Just a little. Or the click of a "share" button. Think about it! :)


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