I enjoy reading. I have since I was a very, very little girl-imagine me, 3 1/2 in pigtails reading to my grandma.  She started reading to me at about 9 months old and I was hooked.  The past couple of years of my life, even more so. I get asked for book ideas quite a bit, so I figured I'd share what I've read recently, and whether I actually enjoyed the book or not. I don't need anyone blaming me for reading a crappy book, and I promise I've read some of those. I'll share the good and the bad. My interests are random at best. I promise you I am no intellectual reader. I read for fun, but sometimes I like things that are serious. I seem to have a love for disturbing true stories and young adult fiction. Don't judge me! 

*Please note that I like to re-read books. I forget things quickly. I could read a book, love it, tell you all about it, and then a month later forget everything and re-read...and love it all over again. I do this with songs and movies too. If you see something on here more than once, don't be surprised. You do not want to know how many times I've read some of these. It is baffling. 

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I've included Amazon links to each book. I've found for me it is best to try their free samples before I purchase a book. At at least $10 a pop each book, trust me, its worth it to try the sample first. I won't include the books I've only sampled on here. If they weren't good enough for me to read further, then they weren't good enough for me to review on here! 

So far in 2013-(Includes some rereads)

A Life Worth Living-Jennifer Probst-very short story-very sweet. I enjoyed it. I was itching for more books from a dogs point of view so this satisfied it, for the whole 15 minutes it took for me to read it. Half of the proceeds went to a charity for dogs, so it was well worth it! 

A Dogs Purpose and A Dogs Journey-W. Bruce Cameron-GREAT reads. Possibly two of the best books I've ever read. They are so touching. If you are a dog lover, you will love these books. They gave me a great appreciation for dogs, especially Coco. Reading from a dog's point of view is amazing to me. These books really made me think about what my dog could be thinking and how she and other dogs feel about life and their circumstances. Make sure if you read these you have your tissues handy. I know these will soon be a re-read. 

I Can Barely Take Care of Myself: Tales from a Happy Life Without Kids-Jen Kirkman-Hilarious! If you are kid-free and have a sarcastic sense of humor, you will like it. If you can't take a joke, then you won't. I loved it! I think the funniest part of the book had to be when she compared childless people to the likes of Oprah and then Jesus-who she points out, are really great and didn't have to have kids to be great-and hey, who doesn't love Oprah or Jesus? 

On The Island-Tracey Garvis Graves-I really enjoyed this and it was a quick read for me. The main character is sort of a cougar. Maybe that's why I liked it. HAHAH! 

This Girl-Colleen Hoover-loved it! It's the 3rd book to go along with the Slammed series. It was an extra nice surprise for me because I thought she was done with this series after Point of Retreat. This woman is a great author! 

Columbine-Dave Cullen  - liked it. Taught me once again not to trust initial news reports. Gave me a sense of "closure" as someone that was a HS Junior at the time this happened in 1999. 

Beautiful Creatures-Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl- Two authors? How am I just noticing this? Ha! This was good enough to capture my attention and read in a few short hours. I liked it. DON'T go see the movie. Waste of your time and money. You're welcome.

The Uglies-Scott Westerfeld -had high hopes, but ultimately I did not love it. It was ok-something to pass the time. I've read better, similar stories. Not sure if I'll continue the series

Reached-Ally Condie -liked it. I may have only liked it because I really just wanted to finish out the Matched series. Seriously people, no sequel is ever as good as the first book. With the exception of the Twilight Series. Don't roll your eyes at me. 

Ali's Pretty Little Lies- Sara Shepard - Now I know you're rolling your eyes. For some reason I got into the Pretty Little Liars series during Myrtle Beach vacation back in 2011. Maybe it was because I was really sick that week and possibly delusional, but I enjoyed 10 of them that week. 9? or 10? Whatever. Anyway, since that week, they have all been awful and yet I keep paying for them on Kindle at $10 a pop and reading them. They are a good fall to sleep book. I read them to fall asleep quickly at night. I do enjoy the show though. 

Hopeless-Colleen Hoover -This book was so good at first. Easy read and pulled me right in. Then it became deeply disturbing. Yet I still loved it. Worth the read. This author has yet to disappoint me, and that is saying something. Even Stephanie Meyer has disappointed me in the past. 

Point of Retreat-Colleen Hoover - The sequel to Slammed. I loved this. Quick and fulfilling read. 

Slammed - Colleen Hoover -so thankful to Olivia for recommending this. I really enjoyed it. I may even re-read soon, even though I just read it earlier this month. (2/13)

Fifty Shades of Grey (the series) - E.L. James - This is a re-read. I originally read this early in 2012. I was ok with the first two, but I really just love the 3rd one. You know, where there is an actual storyline? 



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          2013 Reading Challenge

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2012-(many of these are re-reads...and I'm sure I'm leaving some out. Bad memory. Aren't books supposed to help this?)

The Host-Stephanie Meyer - Oh Stephanie, you seriously disappointed me. The first part was good. The ending was good. Everything in between was HORRIBLE. I keep telling people that the extra 300 pages or so she threw in the middle were completely unnecessary. Hope I don't ruin it for anyone here...all I gotta say is, she's in a cave, no one likes her, we get it Meyer, move on with the story please. On the positive side, the movie previews look promising. Maybe this was meant to be a movie, and not a book. 

Hush Hush; Crescendo- Becca Fitzpatrick-the first two books in the Hush Hush series. I believe I only read the first two. For some reason I can't recall the last two. I enjoyed them. 

Fallen; Torment- Lauren Kate- Fallen was alright. Torment was just that. Torment. I couldn't move any further. Horrible. There are 3 other books to the series, in case you enjoy punishment. 

Matched; Crossed- Ally Condie-I enjoyed these. Well, I really enjoyed the first one. The second one I read just because I wanted to know what happens. The 3rd came out much later, Reached. (see above)

Divergent; Insurgent- Veronica Roth- I loved these. Especially Divergent. I've found that I've enjoyed almost every future dystopian society book I read in 2012. Another is slotted to release later this year (2013)

Blue Bloods; Masquerade; Revelations; The Van Alen Legacy; Bloody Valentine- Melissa de la Cruz- I enjoyed the first and second. I am not sure why I kept reading. They starting getting pretty lame and tedious. There are several more if you have lots of time on your hands and no good books to read. 

A Stolen Life-Jaycee Dugard - a read that is hard on your heart, but it was really a great read. 

The Twilight Series- Stephanie Meyer-DUH, I love these. I've been reading, and re-reading these since 2009. I lost count after 11 times or so a couple years ago. (rereads) 

The Hunger Games Series- Suzanne Collins- I love these too. I have to say the 3rd one was upsetting to me, well the end way anyway. It ended too quickly. Like she just got sick of it and threw something together. But overall, I really did love these. (rereads)

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